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Orchidians in Denver?

I am moving to the Denver area to be closer to family, and am

in finding Orchidians, jewelers guilds, jobs, and anything else
pertaining to the creation of fine jewelry in the area. I have found
some links online, and of course, am looking forward to meeting
Richard Hart, GG., whose postings I have enjoyed for years! I have
been making jewelry for almost 40 years, and have two years of
intensive formal training with classically trained european
goldsmiths, as well as many courses and workshops. I am rusty,
because of caring for my parents for the past several years, and
need a situation in which I can polish my skills, and learn new
ones. If there are any Orchidians interested in introducing me to
the joys of creating beauty with metals and gems in the Denver area,
I would appreciate hearing from you, as I will be in Denver June
11th through the 20th. I am so grateful for Hanuman, Ton, and this
forum where this creative community welcomes and generously offers
help to one another!

Thank you,
Michelle Bernard