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Orchidians at Savannah SNAG conference

To all,

I’m getting ready for the SNAg conference in Savannah ( my pins are
almost finished). What about you? And what about an Orchid dinner? Or
maybe just an informal gathering around the bar? It seems Thursday
night is still open. Any suggestions?

Linda Savineau
(in Belgium but looking forward to see spring in the South)

Hi Linda:

I’ll be there, airlines willing. (I’ve been delayed by 24+ hours the
last two times I’ve flown.)

Thursday night sounds like a plan. Where/when do you want to meet

Anybody else coming?

Brian Meek.

It sure would be nice to get together with other Orchid folks at
SNAG! I guess it’s too late for someone local to set up a usual kind
of dinner (all pre-arranged & all), but doesn’t anybody want to pick
a day, a time and a place for us to meet for lunch, or dessert, or


A few suggestions for a Thursday night meetup:

Dinner and/or drinks at Kevin Barry’s, Churchills, River St. Oyster
Bar, Creole Reds or Moon River (very good micro-brewery, great
crabcake and my #1 choice for a meetup)

There are lots of choices fro meals on your own or small groups on
River, Broughton, or Bay St. There is a map of student favorites
made by the SCAD Metals Club in the tote bag.

A few places not on their list that are on my list and are on River
St. :

River Street Oyster Bar
Fiddlers Crab House
Bayou Cafe
Boars Head
The Warehouse for Burgers and cold cheap beer.
Cobblestone Cafe if you are looking for breakfast.

And no the infamous Food Channel place that is probably on
everyone’s mind is not on any of our lists. Go to Mrs. Wilkes
Boarding House instead, similar but better food and there is not a
three hour waiting in line to get in.

Hey Noel and all who will be at Savannah.

Let’s do get together. I will have a table somewhere around the
registration area for volunteer check-in. Come by and we’ll start up
a group.


Hi Brian and Linda I will be there!

Sounds great to meet and have a chat. Looking forward to a great


Thursday night sounds like a plan. Where/when do you want to meet
up? Anybody else coming? 

I somehow missed the original post on this, but YES, I would like to
join in!


i will be attending SNAG, and would love to have an orchid dinner!

although i am not willing to organize it, i would be happy to attend
and meet people! let me know if this occurs. (i was super fun to
meet some orchid folk at BMAC and ACC!)

also, please attend the pre-snag conference on wednesday. my studio
mate, amy tavern, will be speaking about alternative marketing
methods, and my editor, marthe le van will be giving a talk about
publishing. both talks will be well-worth your money, and you will
learn a lot!

joanna gollberg

Noel/Susan/Roger/Et ali:

There’s usually a bulletin board for posting notes somewhere
obvious. What say we all meet there at 6 PM on Thursday, and we’ll
figure out where we’re going from there? (And leave a note so others
can follow.)

Brian Meek.

We can put a sign-up sheet on the message boards at SNAG


Thanks, Joanna,

For posting about the preconference event–the Professional
Development Seminar, or PDS. This is a fantastic and very informative
day of lectures and discussions. It only costs $10 for the 4 hour
program and you need not attend the rest of the conference-- although
that is also well worth it!

This years theme is New Trends in Marketing and will focus on

From obtaining fantastic images to discovering new venues and
mechanisms through which to gain exposure and sell our work as as
well as a glimpse into another life entirely- makers who have opened
their own galleries.

Hope to see you all there!

For details, go to and look under events.

On behalf of the PDS committee: Harriete Estel Berman, Don Friedlich
and Andy Cooperman, take care.