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Orchid SNAG get together


I like the idea of getting together, but I think we’d better start
earlier if we’re trying to squeeze it in between 5:30 and 7:30.
Maybe meet at 5:30 at the Calder thing???

(I’ll miss you, Noel!)
Cynthia Eid

Hey, it doesn’t even have to be dinner, it could be drinks at the
hotel bar or local establishment. But it sounds like a plan. I am
told there won’t be any real food, if any food at all at the Philly
Museum event. One of my room mates will be participating in it, and
they were told to hav e dinner before arrival. Hopefully there will
be other Orchid members to meet up with. Remember 6:00 at the
conference registration desk. T he musum event starts at 7:30.


Hi All:

I think Cindy’s probably correct: we need to start sooner if we’re
going to get any food. How’s about 5:30 at the Conference
Registration desk?


Whatever plans you all make, be sure to post it prominantly on the
usually available announcments bulletin board. That way, those (like
me) who may have missed or forgotten the most recent iteration of
this thread won’t miss the plans…

Should be fun.