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[Orchid} Slabs / could be bug poision / "Roc Oil"

Since bug sprays are indiscriminately sprayed anywhere and
everywhere, you may actually have slabs that were sprayed, once or
many many times with toxic insecticides or other killing solutions
for weeds or molds etc…

Furthermore, many lapidary cutters used and continue to USE, highly
toxic cutting solutions, from kerosene to old electrical type oils

Many “safe” oils on the market today are truly not safe at all.

I am only aware of one oil in the market that CLAIMS to truly be “non
toxic.” The oil is called “Roc - Oil” and is rated as a food-grade
mineral oil.

It claims to be non toxic non hazardous non flammable wont burn
normal skin and it claims to have NO ODOR …

The oil is currently be sold in the marketplace and I have no
interest, in any way, in the supply or manufacturing of the oil…
just letting those know, who might be interested… Personally I would
prefer to ONLY cut with water, as my modo is, if can’t drink it,
don’t cut with it… but since the oil claims to be food grade ??

Take care