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Orchid Pins and Pendents


Dr. Sumner Silverman; A master sculpture of wax and gold repousse,
offers ten exquisite orchid pins / pendents, recreated in perfect
detail. Sumner=92s recent travels to Brazil, offered a real life look
at exotic and rarely seen species. He is on the faculty of Metalwerx
and a regular contributor to the Orchid Forum.

Sumner=92s exotic orchids are “epiphyts”, which exist by clinging to
branches and trunks of host trees. They thrive on the humidity
rising from the jungle floor and on the meager nourishment
obtainable from old leaves and other debris collected in the
branches of the trees.

Wear it proudly, proclaim your support and membership in our global
community of committed jewelers and metal artists.

All the profits for these items goes right to support the Ganoksin
projects ongoing costs and development.

Put an Orchid On Your Bench… Get the official Orchid Pins and

For a better Orchid