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Orchid Pin

Hi Sir ,

Nice to write to you again , I have been following the latest
Discussions lately ( Orchid pin , List of member Sites list etc … )
I am thinking of RE starting ( NOW ONLY 2 pages )

I am Determined this time to keep it Going … I will be having a
listing of All jewelers on the net and I want to incorporate Orchid
in a big Way…

Like have Special listings to orchid members , a gate way link to
orchid… So on …

If possible I am also willing to Design a Card/Badge for orchid. (
free of Charge )

Please E-mail me your thoughts , I would like to help you too.

Ahmed shareek

Ahmed Shareek is a wonderful example of the power of Orchid and
Tucson. 2000 was his very first venture into Tucson. He had an
unfortunate table location, but I found him and he joined us at Dave
Aren’s get together.

We enjoyed him, as he did us. I personally know I will always be very
satisfied with anything I order from him. Due to this venue, we are
friends first and customer/dealer next.

I thank Orchid and Dr. Aspler for this relationship, as well as for
meeting Alan Revere, Charles Lewton-Brain, dakota Dog Shael, Amy
O’Conner, Dave Arens, Karen Hammerele, etc.

This will continue and get much stronger.

Ahmed, I look forward to seeing you again, as well as everyone else.