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Orchid pin and another promotional idea

Hi Hanuman, I hope you received my email that it was ok to put my post
on the forum. I have just thought of a promotional idea. Once the
pin is completed maybe one of the owners of the magazines for the JA
show and the JCK show would be willing to put in a full page color ad
which would show a picture of the pin with text saying support the
industry by purchasing a pin. The statement could continue with the
funds will be used for the following: example industry research and
development, help in the diamond industry to stop the violence
overseas, help with mine problems, help the kids in Burma where there
is a lot of problems and lots of stones(I worked next to someone in
Tucson at the GLDA show who actually went to Burma and helped these
kids) He lives in Hong Kong I think. I think to support the industry
and also give in some way to charity will really sell these pins and
raise funds. I wonder if the magazines or trade show promoters would
consider doing the advertising to help. Just a! ! nother thought even
though the product is not made yet. Regards, Diane