{Orchid] Orchid Awards

Now I think that is an excellent idea!

I don’t think that any kind of money is necessary, but simply an
endorsement from the largest jeweller community would be a pretty
worthy prize to contend for.

I think it would be successful, and why should clothing fashion
designers get all the write-ups.

The only problem would be in the choosing. Who would do it? Would
it become a most popular jeweller vote, instead of a best piece

Finally, a wonderful and intricate piece of jewellery will not
represent itself so well on TV, so that might be another difficulty.
But I do think that with some careful planning, such an award -
even if only publicised (and no material award is given) - would be
a definite boon to jewellery society and would also add another
level of interest in designer jewellery.


I nominate Madeline Albright, former secretary of state in the
Clinton administration. She’s well known for wearing all sorts of
brooches. I’ve never seen her wear an ugly one.

My 2 cents