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Orchid nametags

Hello everyone, I guess I may have missed the end of the orchid
tag or sticker thread. Did any of you wear any identifying orchids
to Tucson?

Are any of you going to SNAG or any of the workshops prior to the
convention? I am going to all, and would certainly like to meet any
fellow Orchiders. So, what do I do if I want to wear an orchid
label? Was such a thing created?

Ruth in gorgeous L.A.

Hi Ruth:

Two friends and myself from Vancouver, B.C. are attending SNAG. We
will not be down in time take in pre-conference events. We are
booked into The Madison Hotel, from Mar. 24 to 29th.

Hope to meet you.

I also did not get in on the final info about Orchid “pins”.
Maybe someone else attending will know about it.

Phyllis Richardson