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Orchid mini-meetings


I recommend finding out about your local gem and mineral clubs and
also local metals guilds. I know that other Orchid members are
associated with guilds around the country. Here in NC we are blessed
to have a really dedicated core group of individuals associated with
the North Carolina Society of Goldsmiths. We just had our annual
social and it seemed like an Orchid mini-meeting. There were four
people there who either are lurkers or regular posters on Orchid.
I’d love to have even more Orchid members come. Our next meeting is
going to be in January. It will be our regular board meeting (we may
change the name to “organizational meeting” to keep from making it
seem so formal and exclusive) though we are going to also mix up and
discuss how to use Prip’s (and maybe even Fred’s Fabulous Frip’s)
flux. It should be a good time. Anyone from Orchid is welcome to
come. I’ll post the exact date, time and location when the meeting
gets closer. Anyone who wants a personal reminder, email me offline
and I’ll let you know. I’m also going to have a slide show
presentation at my house using slides from the SNAG library (I think
ACC has slides available too). I’m sure there are a lot of other ways
to get smaller groups together. Any other ideas? Here’s to Orchid,

(still) Vice-President NCSG