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Orchid meeting in NH

Hi all, Now that Tuscon and SNAG are overwith,it’s time to get back
to the meeting and auction. Am I having delusions of grandeur
thinking I can pull this off. I have received about 15-20 replies
and 2 pieces to auction. I need to have 50 people for the country
club or they won’t take it. So,maybe I should forget the auction
,send in my donation to orchid and just have the meeting. I can
change the venue to a restaurant and have everyone order what they
want . I won’t give up on the meeting,no matter how many reply. We
have a good start with what we have.

So 0k,you New Englanders and other states near by. Let me know what
you think so far. This is the as it stands for now.
Cochecho Country Club, April 29th@11AM Dover,NH Buffet Luncheon$17
including tax,tip and donationtoward the room. if we have 50. I will
make alturnative arrangements at a restaurant near by just in case. I
was so excited about the auction,hoping to make a bunch of money for
orchid but as i said it probably was wishful thinking. Just a
meeting will be fun also. Louise Gerstenblatt,@LGOriginal
600Central ave Dover,N.H.03820


Jeff and I will be there. We can send a couple of pieces to you or
just bring it with us to the luncheon. How are you arranging the


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