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Orchid Meeting at Metalwerx

Hi All, Today, we had the First Annual Orchid Meeting at Metalwerx
and how wonderful it was. For me it was especially wonderful as I
finally got to meet Hanuman and Ton. I was also able to put names to
the people I met on Orchid. Thanks to Karen and Suzanne and all the
volunteers and contributors to the Silent Auction. What a wonderful
community we have thanks to Hanuman and Charles. Hanuman,you are a
very warm and loving person and I feel it’s ok for a person my age to
say I Love You, Louise

Hello All!

For Suzanne and I, The First Annual NE Orchid Celebration, was a
very special day indeed. About 90 people gathered for
demonstrations, conversation and good food. Honestly, I don’t
remember enjoying a more perfect day. Although the demos had to be
ordered in two shifts to accommodate everyone, it allowed for
Orchidians to sit and converse. Everyone wanted to know when the
next event was scheduled! Despite the rain showers, people didn’t
seem to mind and found themselves in the library poring over books
and magazines, talking in the halls, the kitchen or under the tents.

There is a long list of Thank You’s which I want to post.

Suzanne. Your cheery disposition, postings and last minute emails
really pulled us through.

To the volunteers. You made my job easy and really helped the
entire day run like a Swiss Watch. If I forgot anyone, I apologize.
Everyone was SO helpful, it was difficult to single people out. Tas,
Helen Malchow, Tony Pang, Mary Lou D’agostino, Linda Walsh, Sarah
Doremus, Dave Baird, Maureen McGann, Andrea Zarren and Dave
Stefanovic , the Bloods, Yael Friedman, Susan Midlarsky, Genie

A very special thank you goes to Dave Baird who filmed all the

Many, many thanks to our Silent Auction Donors! You help raise
$2050 towards the maintenance costs of running Orchid. I will list
the donors in a separate post.

Thanks to our caterers, Panara Bakery, Baan Thai and Jakes’ BBQ.

Thanks to Hanuman and Ton who came from Bangkok to be with us.

A special thank you to Bill Nelson, President of Foredom for
attending your first, but hopefully not last Orchid Celebration.
thank you for the donations to the silent auction of a TX Foredom

A special thank you to Rich Bohr who flew out from Las Vegas to be
with Orchid this weekend.

A special thank you to Jessica Bell, who also flew out from
Albuquerque to spend a day with Orchid and to see Metalwerx.

Thank you to our presenters, Munya Avigail Upin, Daniel Grandi, Rich
Bohr, Joel Schwalb, and Sumner Silverman.

My last thank you goes to the attendees. You made the day special.
Conversations ranged from technical discussions, sharing, community,
classes and workshops, recipes, art ideas, authors, tools, etc.
Wonderful. It was just a wonderful day.

All I can say is, Yes! Let’s do it again!


Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio

I just returned to Philadelphia from a wonderful New England visit
the highlight of which was attending the Orchid gathering at
Metalwerx. A big thank you to Karen Christians and her incredible
volunteers and staff for making the day such a success. It was a
delight to attend six wonderful demos with plenty of time for
shoptalk and delicious food throughout the day. Another special
treat was to meet Hanuman and Ton in person, and to be able to thank
them for all of their hard work. Congratulations for a successful
day… Well worth the trip from Philadelphia!

Margery F. Cooper
Jewelry and Judaica

Aren’t you tired by now of hearing what wonderful food, good
friends, inspiring conversations, and warm gushy feelings all around.
Lord knows I am trying to play the curmundgin and brake the pattern,
but I can’t. I enjoyed myself so much that I must resort to cliches,

The grand party took place at Metalwerx in Waltham, MA under the
auspices of Karen (Force of Nature) Christians and included those
genies of the web, Hanuman and Ton. Suzanne Wade was coconspirator.
It was the first time I got to spend any time talking to her. Matter
of fact, the same can be said of so many of the people there I had
met before, read posting from, or seen articles about. So, many names
to mention that I might be accused of dropping names or even fumbling
them by leaving them out.

The all day format was brilliant. There were presentations all
though the day, enough time to talk and an excuse to serve three,
(count em!) meals. The day before the event, I received a call from
Karen who breathlessly told me that instead of presenting a 40 minute
talk on carving wax orchids, I would have to break it up into two
twenty minute talks since there were so many people coming. So, there
was the A team and the B team. While one group was listening to a
presentation the other group could sit and talk. A very relaxed and
intimate day. It could be the model for many regional gatherings.