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Orchid is looking for a member in Orlando


Orchid Notice:
Please send your reply to

Recently we won the iJeweler Top 25 Jewelry Industry Websites
Award. We are looking for an Orchid member who can represent us
at the JCK show in Orlando, and receive the award. Anyone?


The Ganoksin Project

ICQ Number: 258 49350

The Original message
Dear Dr. Aspler -

Your website,, is one of the finalists to
receive a Top 25 Jewelry Industry Websites Award. The awards are
to be presented by iJeweler, the jewelry industry’s oldest
Internet marketing firm, at a press conference at the JCK show in
Orlando. I would like to invite you or someone from your company
who will be at the show to attend the press conference.

If you or someone else will be in attendence, how can we contact
that person to inform them should Ganoksin be selected as one of
the Top 25 (phone number & email address will allow us the
greatest opportunity to contact them in a timely manner)?

Also, if there will be no one at the show, who shall we notify
and how shall we contact them?

Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.


Dipam O’Hara
Office Manager


Orchid Notice:
Please contact:Dipam O’Hara

I live 30 minutes from Orlando and have a large retail jewelry
store in lakeland, Florida. I will check today but the JA show in
Orlando is over ? Perhaps there is another show I wasn,t paying
attention . If there is a JCK show in Orlando I would be
honored to accept any award on behalf of this website and any
and all members.


Terry Parresol


The JCK/Orlando show took place earlier this month (Feb. 6 thru
9th). If you are refering to next year’s show (Jan. 2000), I
will be there as I have enjoyed it since it started.

Judy Shaw, Graduate Jeweler-Gemologist (GIA)
Jasco Minerals