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(Orchid) Internet Sales?


I have a gallery on the net at:
and I also do fine art and craft shows. My gallery has been up
and running since Feb of 96. Before my wife and I got into the
internet we took a marketing seminar given by a firm here in L.A.
about business prospects thru the internet. At that time the
commercial aspects of the internet were still less than a year
old. We were told that it would take a year or more of exposure
for people to get to know us, to trust us, and to believe that we
weren’t a fly by night operation, that we would be around
tomorrow, and the next day. So we expected it to be very slow
the first year. We weren’t disappointed either. No sales for
over a year. But what exposure!!! We have over 8,000 hits at our
site, averaging over 300 a month. In the beginning it was like
the TV shopping networks. People had to believe in them for them
to be successful. Well, look at them now. They’re here to stay.
And so am I. I am now starting to see sales on a fairly regular
basis. Not a killing yet, but I am not getting returns, and I
even had a potential customer (I am in the process of designing a
moldavite and 18kt gold pendant for her) referred to me by someone
who did make a purchase. So I am seeing tangible results now, a
year and a half after we started this venture. I have great hope
that it will only get better.