[Orchid In Print] Vol 2, Jewelers Bench Book

Hi All,

I am writing the next book in the Ganoksin Project’s collaborative
series with MJSA. The first book in this series was written by Karen
Christians on the Flex Shaft. It was the only book dealing with the
subject since the early 70’s.


I am writing this book on “the Jewelers Bench” and am working
closely with Rich Youmans of MJSA Journal (formerly AJM magazine). We
have a tight time schedule, and the work is supposed to be done by
the start of the New Year. Orchid members can help us along, and help
Orchid by contributing your ideas to the project.

If you have a wonderful bench, a world class arrangement,
interesting organization of tools and access to them, anything that
is worth sharing with the world as a idea or trick I would like to
hear about it. Storage ideas are welcome, such as making a large
vertical sliding panel with tools hung on it that slides out from the
bench like similar vertical drawers in fancy kitchens (David Baird).

Besides lovely custom bench ideas I will also need to know how
people best use the standard filing drawer benches that come from
suppliers, so we can tell people how to get the most out of a
commercial bench when working on one.

If there has to be a picture to understand the idea please make it
72 dpi and about 8 inches wide and email it to @Charles_Lewton-Brai1. If
we can use it I will ask you for a high resolution version. Final
shots will need to be very nicely done.

As before when gathering from our community I will share
the compiled results on Orchid at the end of the project.


Charles Lewton-Brain
Brain Press Ltd