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[Orchid in Print] Now Available! The Jeweler's Bench Book

The Ganoksin Project
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Jewelry Manufacturing Methods and Techniques


Now Available!

The Jeweler’s Bench Book by Charles Lewton-Brain

The ultimate book devoted entirely to your most valuable tool: the
bench! Acclaimed metalsmith and Ganoksin co-founder Charles
Lewton-Brain offers expert advice on how to choose the best bench for
your needs, then modify it for maximum efficiency. With plentiful
full-color illustrations, The Jeweler’s Bench Book includes ingenious
tips for tool storage and arrangement, as well as real-life “tours”
showing how renowned jewelers have set up their own bench areas.

“You hold in your hands a book that I predict you will return to
often, always seeing a new detail in the photos or reading a tip
that you’d missed before.” - from the Foreword by Tim McCreight

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About Orchid in Print

The “Orchid in Print” series of bench books is the result of a
collaboration between two of the jewelry industry’s strongest
proponents for sharing and distributing Manufacturing
Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA) and The Ganoksin Project.

Incorporated in 1903, MJSA is the trade association that represents
the U.S. jewelry manufacturing industry. In addition to the books of
MJSA Press, it publishes an award-winning monthly magazine, MJSA
Journal; produces trade shows, including its flagship MJSA Expo New
York; and presents educational seminars and programs to better
manufacturing jewelers compete in a dynamic international
marketplace. For more go to

Since they first appeared in 1996, The Ganoksin Project and its
Orchid e-mail forum have become the online resources for thousands
of jewelers across the world. The brainchild of Dr. E. Aspler of
Bangkok, Thailand, and Canadian jeweler and educator Charles
Lewton-Brain, it maintains a substantial library of articles,
publications, reports, and technical data, as well as numerous
artist galleries. For more go to

The first volume in the “Orchid in Print: Maximum Bench Work” series
is Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft by Karen Christians, which is
available through MJSA Press, The Ganoksin Project, and leading
industry distributors.

The book costs $29.50 for MJSA members and $34.95 for non-members.
It is available through the industry’s leading book distributors, as
well as and Books can also be ordered
directly from MJSA at 1-800-444-6572, ext. 3038, or online at:

For more please contact:

The Ganoksin Project
Dr. E. Aspler