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"Orchid in Print" book series announced

   Judy, do you have a website or anywhere that I could see your
jewelry. I checked Orchid's galleries but you are not represented
there.  I'd love to see what you make with the base metals. 

Kay, I don’t have a website or anything, since I don’t do
jewelrymaking fulltime. You can see one thing by going to and do a search for my name and see the
first page of the article I wrote on tumblepolishing (July 1999).
There you’ll see a fibula I designed and made (the earrings next to
it are nice, but I don’t know where they came from!). Also, I have
some jewelry in Gallery 41 in Owego, NY, and we are working on a
website (the title page can be found by searching for Gallery
Forty-One). Sooner or later, some of my things will show up there,
but nothing more than the title page is on-line right now. If you
are ever in Owego, let me know! I never have much jewelry on hand,
but I’ve got lots of photos and photocopies of my things! Basically,
I like abstract and non-representational things, and am particularly
fond of Alexander Calder, Lynne Merchant, and Scandinavian design.
This past summer I discovered Claire Falkenstein’s jewelry in an
exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Art. I also like to adapt
designs/artifacts from "the field in which I am unemployed,"
Assyriology (the history and literature of the Ancient Near East),
to jewelry pieces. But words are a poor substitute for pictures! Let
me know if you have any specific questions, and thanks for the

Judy Bjorkman