[orchid] Handy Use For Something Not Intended For Jewelry

Hello everyone, I’ve really enjoyed the thread on bench tips.I hope
this one finds a home. I found a use for the small sheets (approx.
3"x3")of Dr.Scholl’s foot pad material,not the precut round corn
pads, but the sheets of the same material. When using pliers to bend
or shape Sterling silver and wanting to exercise due care not to scar
it,even small jump rings, I cut a couple of pieces of this material
which has one side adhesive, and stick it on both of the jaws of the
pliers.I then close the pliers to make the material stick and also
with them closed tightly, I use a sharp razor blade to trim the
material.I find that I can use these for quite some time before
having to apply new material.HTH, best wishes, John Barton