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Orchid get-together at SNAG Conference


Who’s going to the SNAG conference in Houston? I am! Right now, I’m
working on my 50+ pins for the pin swap. What about an Orchid member
get-together? (Is there any free time left?) Hope to see you in
Houston (Brian, Peter, Helen, Noel, Bill, Karen,…)

Linda Savineau, Belgium


Hi Linda,

I’ll be there (Houston). Anybody got a clue about when/where would be
a good time to meet up? (Anybody want to join me on a trip out to see
the space center?)


Hope to see you in Houston (Brian, Peter, Helen, Noel, Bill,

Thanks, Linda, but I must disappoint. One of the Artists’
Residencies that I was accepted to overlaps with SNAG, so I will not
be there. I’m setting my sights on next year in Portland!




I’ll be there! Not sure where we’ll meet yet, but I’ll be there with
you folks…



An Orchid gathering would be wonderful. I just returned from the one
in Tucson, and it was well attended and great. As an aside, it was
#15, and as the original gathering was, set up by Dave Arens of
Tucson. There were at least 60 people there, and lots of socializing
as well as connecting. The door prize raffle was very well
appreciated and fruitful for many. Coincidentally, my number was
picked and the prize was one of Jay Whaley’s DVD’s, or course it was
placed back into the pool and was won by Sam Patania, who along with
Dave Arens had just been interviewed by Jay on BlogTalkRadio. Small
World. The entire BlogTalkRadio crew, Jay, Gregg, and I will be in
SNAG’s Media Room broadcasting during the entire conference. Come on
in and chat with us. We would all love to attend an Orchid get


Hi Gang,

Did we ever settle on a time & place for the Orchid meetup/dinner?
Enquiring minds want to know.