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[Orchid[ First Art show experience

Jean, I can’t believe someone would actually have the audacity to
DRAW out your pieces in front of you! The nerve of some people. Yes,
I bet that was irritating. I sometimes study the displays of artists
at shows, no matter the medium, to get ideas for revising my booth.
This is not ideas for new work, just ways to improve my booth design.
I will make little notes about the ideas I get, but I’m sure to make
them off somewhere else, as I don’t want anyone making the wrong
assumptions about what I’m writing down. I’m not even doing anything
wrong, and I still wouldn’t do it in front of the artist! I, too,
used to have a sort of artist statement in my booth, as well as a
little display talking about how my filigree was made (with pictures)
so that people could read that I do make the pieces. I found that
they weren’t read very often, so I stopped using them. I think,
though, that they were too small. Mine were in a little stand-up 4x6
frame, and I had one at each end of my display. If I’d done something
bigger & hung it up, that probaby would have been better. I should
still think about doing that, I suppose. I certainly do, though, try
to make sure that everyone that comes into my space is told that
everyting is hand made. And hand made by ME! :wink:

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