{Orchid] [Favorite tips] Broken Sawblades

We buy scrap at Indian Jewelers Supply Co. and we advise people to use a
magnet to Hoover out the broken blades. There may be bits of precious
metals upon them, but not enough to displace the hunk of steel that a
sawblade is.

Too many sawblades in scrap is grounds for rejection and round filing. We
can and will magnet-sweep for these goodies, but let’s be reasonable.
Prices paid for filings are rock bottom for just these reasons.

Your lube is too sticky if there is that much filing clinging to the
teeth. Beeswax? Better used in little tapered wads to pick up stones, or
rubbed on a surface for design transfer.

Try paraffin, what Bur-life really is without the dye. Paste? It’s
petroleum jelly! Liquid? It’s really mineral oil! Spend some time at a