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Orchid Donations now support PayPal


The Ganoksin Project goal is to build a strong pool of
freely accessible, for the benefit of the trade and the general
public. If you benefited from our services and agree with our
mission here’s what you can do to be part of our project.

Support Ganoksin work with a donation.

Essentially, we operate on a shoestring. All of our services are
offered free of charge! But it still costs money to operate such a
large scale project. The Ganoksin Project success is due to hard
work of over 6 years. Your donations make it possible to support our
services, and help us pay for the expenses involving the maintenance
and improvement of this site.

Our services are professional and as such, we could charge a fee for
the supplied. (Many sites like this now do charge a
fee). However, we have elected not to. We ask that if you have found
our services beneficial to you, that you help to support this site
by making a donation.

Your kind donation will help us in paying for copyright costs,
domain registration fees, web hosting fees, software and hardware
fees and for the time and effort that goes into moderating the
Orchid list and digest and updating the site on regular intervals.

There are several ways to donate. We want you to make a donation in
the best way for you! If you want to make a donation in a way that’s
not specified below, please contact us!

How to Donate

  1. Use PayPal. PayPal is a Web site that accepts credit card and
    bank transfer payments. You need to set up a PayPal account to
    donate via PayPal. This requires providing credit card and/or bank
    Visa and MasterCard are accepted. PayPal accepts non-US
    accounts and funds.

Send PayPal donations to Ganoksin now:
  1. Mail a personal check or a bank draft, payable to Dr. E. Aspler.

     Dr. E. Aspler BS Building #4 
     14-16 Soi Intamara 42 
     Sutisarn Rd, Huay Kwang, 
     Bangkok Thailand 10320 

Thank you for your kind support!
Your Host

donation to Ganoksin using Paypal. It was small ($15.00 USD), but
with the convenience of Paypal, I expect to make at least a few a
year. (I reveal the amount of my donation to emphasize the fact that
no amount is too small!)

Thanks again, Hanuman!

Christine, still waking up in Littleton Massachusetts, USA

I agree Christine. I just made the donation today that I’ve been
meaning to make for months. What a great idea, Hanuman. And thank you
for Orchid! SharonBailey (soon-to-be .com)