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Orchid Dinner Proceeds for The Ganoksin Project

Dear All - The Orchid Dinner was a rousing success and we believe a
good time was had by all. For those of you who missed it this year,
please try to make it next year and join in the fun and the support
of Dr. Aspler. To that effect, we cleared over $3600.00 to be
forwarded to Dr. Aspler. Many, many thanks go to the generosity of
the Orchid members who gave so willingly in donations, rolling
mills, time, silent auction and help in organizing all the details
and last minute happenings. There were so many of you and each one
of you is appreciated. See you next year! Will talk to you all
through the coming year.
Sam Patania

Dear Sam, Again I say"I wish I were there".and you are to be
commended for all the work and that wonderful Big contribution to
Orchid and that wonderful human being,Hanuman. When I first wrote
you about people paying for their own dinner, I really didn’t know
the extent of what you were trying to do. I do now and hope you
understand my motive in wanting Orchid to get as much money as

I tried for two years to get a meeting going in New England and
wanted to have an auction along with it. I got very little responce
and was extremely disappointed. I figured it would be a good time
for all who didn’t go to Tuscon,to get together and meet one
another. Again I say,Congradulations to you and all the other people
Who contributed. Sincerely, Louise

Absolutely Louise, I expected the questions and was glad you asked.
That is the strength of this forum, never be afraid to ask and don’t
get defensive in the answers. Sam