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Orchid Dinner in Tuscon?

Dear All ( especially Paul) My office manager, Pat, and I have been
calling around to restaurants and getting info about a dinner.I was
looking for a place which would give us a good meal at a reasonable
price with a flavor (not too much or any chili, I know, I know) of
the Great Southwest, with all it’s cultural influences. I’m also
sensitive about transportation ,as this was suggested by Dave Arens
as a problem last year, so I was looking in places on Broadway (good
bus & shuttle routes). I was made aware of the desire for a
vegetarian dish. I will post results and my own suggestions this
coming week. I was given a list of possible sponsors for this event
by Dave and are pursuing those as well. Sorry for the silence until
now but, Pat and I were literally a few days from posting. If I am
missing any areas of concern please let me know. Sam Patania, Tucson

Sam; You get extra points with St. Peter for trying to please
everyone in a notoriously finicky demographic! You wont get any
complaints from me, whatever you set up. Tom Hollis