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Orchid dinner in N.E

Hi all,

Plans are formulated for our orchid dinner and auction in Dover.New
Hampshire. Date:April 29th,2001(Sun) Place: Cocheco Country
Club(directions to follow) Time: 11AM-to what ever. Cost: for
brunch-lunch-not sure yet,between 10:00-13or 14:00$.Maybe less as I
have to do menu.

I am planning an auction open to the public at 3pm.or sooner. I am
hoping everyone who can,will donate a piece of jewelry or something
to make this a great event for Orchid and a pretty good donation to
Orchid and our dear Hanuman. Anyone,no matter where , that wants to
donate to our function will be greatly appreciated. We need an
auctioneer(how about it Danny)or a volunteer. We also need a minumum
of 50 people to attend in order for us to get the club.The usual amt
to rent facilities is $350 but since I know a member it will be $100.
It’s a great place and we can make up the rental amount. It’s also
very private and we will 2 great rooms. If anyone is planning to
donate,please send as soon as possible with the following
Description.retail value, and donor. Time is of the
essence as I will have to catalogue all the donations. Please send to
me: Louise Gerstenblatt(@LGOriginal) 600 Central Avenue
Dover,N.H. 03820 I also need to know how many will be attending. I am
very Excited about this project and hope lots are planning to attend.
I look forward to meeting the people who have contacted me
already,and the rest of you that are planning to come.

If there are any people from around the country that will be around
teaching etc. please come. Thats it for now,any comments or
suggestions will be greatly appreciated.