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Orchid Dinner in Honolulu

Greetings - This invitation is for any Orchid Members - active
participants or quiet readers behind the scenes!! We have the good
fortune of meeting with Karen Christians and her husband, who will be
vacationing in the islands. They are in Honolulu only for the one
evening, Tuesday, May 16th - so, we are planning an Orchid dinner.
The time and place have not yet been determined - but we do know the
day! Plans will be confirmed closer to the date - when Donna Shimazu
returns. If anyone is travelling from another island - I’d be happy
to share the hotel info that we found. So, please join us - it will be
fun to meet whomever can make it. Please reply to my personal email:
@Cynthia_Wiig Mahalo, Cynthia

Hello Cynthia,

As I live in a country as small as an island (Belgium),I really
eppreciate your invitation but it’s just a little to far away for me.
Thanks anyway and maybe who knows what happends in the future. Regards

Hello Pedro - We are finding some “quiet” participants on Orchid to
join us - one member who lives on one of the smaller islands - Lanai.
So, again, the dinner is the night of the 16 May. Our Orchid community
is really a “global” community which, to me, brings out the beauty of
the technology. With Hanuman’s vision and action - this is a very
unique place. (Thank you again, Hanuman, for all your efforts to run
this forum!) In the big picture - our Orchid community is quite
small - even though the numbers are in a few thousand (I think it is).
So, yes, the invitation is not limited to one day - please let us
know if you are headed this way. :slight_smile:


I will Cynthia,I will.I’m anxious to make this trip,but my wife and
me can’t make it because we’re dealing with baby’s (14 months and
twins).One of them is suffering from a serious heart disease and can
not fly for longer then 2 1/2 hours.Whenever we find the time and a
solution for our girls we let you know and work it out in one way or
an other.Thank you very much indead for your reply.Enjoy your diner
and if you can,write an article about how it has been for those who
coudln’t enjoy you all.

Regards Pedro

Hello Pedro and all - Just a brief follow-up message here. We had a
very enjoyable evening. A few of us (6 total) got together and
toasted Orchid and Hanuman at a Thai restaurant! For me it is similar
to travelling - to take the opportunity to meet individuals from afar.
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Karen Christians (of MetalWerx in
Boston) and her husband, Dave. Karen has a very contagious enthusiam
for metalwork - very much in keeping with the nature of the sharing of
on Orchid. Was a fun experience to put people to names.

I would encourage others to take or create these opportunities as our
busy lives will allow. The participants in the Orchid forum are very
sincere and diverse and have a sharing nature - so, it makes for a
wonderful connection. That’s all I can say without being too wordy!
Thanks Karen, for being a networking individual . . . it wouldn’t have
happened without her visit. :slight_smile: Cynthia

Hello Cynthia,

Thank you for taking the time on writting a brief e-mail to share
your experience of that wonderful looking evening.Again,whenever we
find a way to travel to Honolulu,we let you know,hoping that our
contribution will add another dimension to this sharing group of

Regards Pedro