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Orchid Dinner at SNAG?

Is there going to be an Orchid dinner or get together at SNAG?

Sue Ann Dorman

I was wondering too. And hoping somebody would be organising it. It
was such fun last year. Or at least let’s have a get-together on one
of the free evenings. Don’t ask me to organise it, I’m too far away
(Europe) but busy preparing my trip to Cleveland. Hope to see you all

Linda Savineau

Hi All,

I’m speaking on behalf of Kenneth Singh, who has hosted wonderful
Orchid events in NYC.

Kenneth is working hard to organize a dinner for all of us at SNAG
this year. In past years, Orchidians attending SNAG (The Society of
North American Goldsmiths), have met over dinner to meet one another.
They are a lot of fun!

In order to help Kenneth, it would be helpful to find out how many of
you would be interested in attending the dinner.

If you are interested, please reply to this email as soon as
possible to let us know how many of you would like to join us.

It will give Kenneth an easier time of arranging this for all of you.

We will keep you posted as to where and when. If you miss these
posts, we will have a general announcement on a message board at the

A contact person will be specified in the message, and a general
announcement will be made at the meeting

Thanks, and I hope to see you at Orchid Dinner at SNAG!


I will be at SNAG, but only the first two days-- I have a show. If
there are not a lot of Orchid people who want to get together, maybe
we could just pick a place/time to meet at the hotel and go
someplace to eat…?

Do we have anybody from Cleveland who knows the local eateries?