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[orchid] Design Force

Orchid and to the world of computers.One week experience of each! I
have fifteen years experience in teaching in the private sector. I
teach an unstructured class: everyone works on their own projects
ie: no class projects. Unless requested . My studio occupies 98% of
my lower level of my home.(Ralph, the class masscott, a mini-lopped
ear rabbit has the other 2%). I limit the class size to seven at
the maximum. Four 2 1/2 hour classes are offered once a week. Here
is a sample of some of the techniques we offer: Lost wax
casting, design, wax, fabrication, soldering, fusing, forging,
electroforming, electroplating, enameling… .just about the
only thing I don’t teach is stone setting. But the students can
observe me at the bench if they wish. Did I address all of
your questions? Nancy