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Orchid Chat Room on ICQ

Hello everyone!

I have tried to use the chat room on ICQ several times with only
one successful connection. Every other time I have connected with
the chat room, I was the only one there. The one time I did find
the chat room occupied, I had a great time talking to fellow list
members about all kinds of interesting things. It is unfortunate
that perhaps those who would like to chat find ourself passing each
other in the dark. For the room to actually be useful you have to
be so lucky as to catch someone checking in and then the ball gets
rolling and it looks like a real chat room! So, I got to thinking,
(this usually gets me in trouble ; } ) that perhaps it would be a
good idea to find a collective time that members would like to
connect and talk. Not to say that it would be the only time to be
online with ICQ, but rather a time when the probability of finding
activity in the chat room. I think that this would help those of
us who enjoy ICQ and like the idea of the chat room link up and
talk while this thing is in it’s infantcy. I know that if I keep
checking the room and find that I am the only one there, it is
going to get rather old. I really find it very interesting to
visit with the members of this list and would like to see the chat
room be a success. I think many of us could find much benefit in
speaking with our fellow artists in real time, and perhaps my
suggestion of finding some common times to connect will be of
interest to many of you.

Looking forward to speaking to you all in real time,

Heather Rene’ Sickler
Intrica Fine Jewelry


I had the same experience. Wouldn’t be nice to set up an evening
a week - certain hours - on which we could all join in on the fun!


Joe Bokor

Hello Heather: I agree. The only problem is that we are from all
over. I would like to chat at 9 pm cental time in the USA. If we
all exchange our ICQ numbers, then we can see who is online when we
are and send messages to each other saying to meet on the chat
room. I am 2689242

So if everyone would send a short post with your ICQ number to
this list we can all put each other on our lists. Sound good?

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Dear Heather:

I too have found that the issue about the Icq Chat Room is almost
a moot point…although full of great intention I find myself
constantly going in and out of it trying to find a suitable time to
connect with the Orchid Members (maybe we just missed each other in
the transition) It might take awhile to figure out a good time to
connect, but I have patience and still believe that ICQ is an
amazing way to communicate ones advise, feelings, and experiences
over the Internet. I guess we have to wait…and keep our fingers
crossed…(if they’re not too burned, or abraded, or saw-cut, or
blistered) Until then…back to the bench…
Bryna Tracy

One of a Kind Jewellery and Design

List members,

I am very happy to see that I wasn’t the only person wanting to
chat, but having a hard time finding someone online. I agree that
the most productive way of hooking up would be to suggest
collective times that work with our schedules, as well as having
everyone’s ICQ # on our contact lists.

Our ICQ# is 5421116.

Occasionally we also will be online with ICQ# 8921046.

Looking forward to everyone’s ICQ numbers being posted.

~A quick idea. . . why don’t we include ICQ #'s in our signatures?


Heather Sickler
Jeff Howden
Intrica Fine Jewelry
ICQ - 5421116 -or- 8921046

  constantly going in and out of it trying to find a suitable

I too have found it somewhat frustrating…however this morning
1:30 am I met up with Dimitri, jill, and marilyn…nice
chatting…had some difficulty being booted off…probably busy
server (aol)…also a great time saving improvement would be that
the message cursor {remains in the message box} so that one does
not have to contunually click the box to type messages after
posting…2nd…more than one sentence capacity within the
box would be nice so you don’t have to break down descriptions,

Let’s get this formulated…It is a great idea


List Members-

Here is my ICQ # for all who are interested. I still dont see
what all the problem with ICQ installation was, I installed 6 mo
ago and have had no problems at all. Well, anyway here is my #


Steve Dickey