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Orchid Chat Room on ICQ [yak yak yak]

   So if everyone would send a short post with your ICQ number
to this list we can all put each other on our lists. Sound good?

I hope this doesn’t occur. We’ve been inundated with messages
about setting up this chat room. You folks who wish to use that
method of communication shouldn’t need to load up this list trying
to make it happen. I’d suggest using private email or setting up
some other messaging system.

Sorry to be the grinch, but messages about no one being on the
chat room are too much.


Dear Chunk:

Btw, nice name…

In regards to your comment about the ICQ chat listings in the
Orchid communications…I feel that if it has to do with Orchid
(ganoksin) related issues it is important that the members talk
about it when and where they can. If it has annoyed you to see these
listings…hit “delete” before you even open them. We all get mail
of some sort or another that we just don’t have interest in…and
the bottom line is…if you don’t want it…trash it. This is not
a personal assault on you, but Geoff went out of his way to give
the members a way to communicate that was more efficient and
quicker than the Orchid listings…and if we need a quick answer to
a dilemma we now have a way to aquire faster communications… I
know some of the members might come down hard on me for this
correspondence…but, what the heck…just my opinion.

Bryna Tracy

One of a Kind Jewellery and Design
*ICQ: 3170268
*for those of you interested…


As most of us do not keep an address book with all the e-mail
addresses of list members, what you’re suggesting would be
impossible. I appreciate your lack of interest regarding
chat-rooms, but as we all get familiar this new technology (chat),
we will have less reason to post messages concerning said topic. I
appreciate your future patience regarding this matter as the
chat-room concept is obviously very important to a lot of list
members. As we begin to use this new communication medium I
anticipate that you’ll see fewer posts about this topic. In the
meantime, have a nice day.


Jeff Howden
Intrica Fine Jewelry
ICQ# 5421116

OK - I agree that bunches of messages that you don’t care about
can be annoying, but I would rather see the Chat Room messages than
an abundance of messages that are - Right on - Good Job - I agree -
Bravo in content.

I believe that these well meaning, constructive agreements should
be sent directly to the author of the message on not to the whole
list. I have participated in several other mailing lists and this
was usually a standard rule.

Perhaps all of the Chat Room messages regarding the ICQ address
can be posted to one individual and then when the ICQ list is
prepared it can be posted to the whole mailing list. This would
limit the number of e-mails on this subject AND resolve the ICQ
communication problems.

Mailing lists are designed to facilitate communication between a
group of people, even if they are using various means to do so. I
would hate to loose the Chat Room completely, or any
other for that matter. It would be unfortunate to not
have the choice, when the delete key is so easy, and e-mails on a
sideline can be consolodated.

OK - Just my 2C

Hallie Morris-Blanchard
Retrofit Designs
Guild Hall Jewelers