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Orchid Celebration at the SNAG Conference

Hi All: Thought you would like to see the list of attendees so far at
the Orchid Celebration at the SNAG Conference! If you do not see
your name on this list and plan to attend, please email Joel Schwalb

Deadline for registration is: MARCH 17!!

I look forward to seeing you all! Karen Christians

Alan Revere
Barbara Cotter	
Beth Katz
Bev Fox
Bruce Carlson
Charles Lewton-Brain
Christina Lemon
Christine Quiriy
Cynthia Eid
Dave Baird
David Woolley
Dee Fontans
Donna Vida
Evan Soldinger
Gerry Lewey
Gini Rollins
Harlan Butt & Guest
Harriet Berman
Jeanette Payne
Jeri Buxton
Karen Christians
Laura Cowan
Laura Wiesler
Linda Kaye Moses
Loren Damewood	
Nancy Monkman
Noel Yovovich
Peter Rowe
Rodney Carroll
Ron Pascho
Sarah Doremus
Sharon Scalise
Sheena Thomas
Sherry Fotopoulos
Sumner Silverman
Susan Maxon
Todd Pownell
Vanessa Mitchell

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio

The Orchid Dinner in St. Petersburg, FL on March 19th is fast
approaching. This dinner coincides with the SNAG Conference. The
dinner is at 8:30 PM at the Columbia Restaurant on the St. Petersburg
Pier. To learn more about the restaurant go to: The cost is $35
per person. Please join us for an evening of good food, good
conversation and to further the goals of the Orchid Community. Please
send your checks to me:

Joel Schwalb
PO Box 499
Nyack, NY 10960-0499


I’m so glad to see a mention of the Florida Orchid dinner! There has
been a lot of discussion of the New York dinner, naturally, but I’ve
been feeling a little like a step-child because there has been very
little mention of the Orchid dinner at SNAG in 10 days. It may be
smaller than New York or Tucson, but I, for one, am very excited
about my first SNAG conference and my first Orchid dinner. I hope a
slew of you guys are coming to St Pete and to dinner.

Does anyone know how many are expected? I just talked to two
Orchid-member friends who hadn’t gotten the word about the Orchid
dinner, and have made other plans for that night! So, spread the
work, people! I want to meet a bunch of you.

See you at SNAG-- I’ll be there, wearing an orchid in gold and


Noel, As of this morning we have 50 people who have said that they
are coming. I expect that we will have more than that by the 19th.

Joel Schwalb

Hi Rick, Thanks so much for all your help and at the
SNAG Conference. Alos thanks for all the samples you gave us. It was
a great conference and I had a great time. Also thanks Joel for all
the great work on the Orchid dinner and everyone else who helped
with the Orchid dinner. Also thanks to all the people who put on
this wonderful conference. Thanks to the Florida group it was
wonderful. How did you all give us that great weather? Just kidding.
It was fantastic. I will have so many great memories. Thanks again
to all of SNAG and tthe wonderful speakers. Cheryl Orahood.