[Orchid benefits] Engraving Master Series

Hello Everyone,

A fellow Orchidian ordering an Engraving Master Series video set
half jokingly asked if I could apply a “holiday discount” to the
order. I replied that I hadn’t even thought about the idea of offering
a seasonal special.

After a little more discussion I realized that this was a great idea
and decided to create a “Holiday End-of-Year-Sale”… just for Orchid

So from now through December 31, 2005 only, the following deals will

Beginner’s Set $100 ($20 off)
Complete Set $450 ($50 off)

To take advantage of these prices just send me an email off list and
I’ll explain how to place the order.

Video content details are found at: EngravingMasterSeries.com.
But to get the sale prices, do not place your order via the
website… just email me, mention that you are a member of Orchid and
state which video set you’d like.

Happy Holidays to all!

Joe Bloyd
JNB Studio