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[Orchid Benefits] Diamond Setting Notes

Dear All

I have selected 13 pages of setting notes for all to read. These are
very detailed in their explanations on “Bead Setting”,
“Bright-Cutting” “Grinding Gravers” and “How to Polish Gravers” as

I have decided to have EVERYONE read them AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!!!
Yes, you read well, I pay for the printing and mailing. Mucho gelt!

As certain educational has not been made available to
many, I want to fill that gap. It’s the least I can do for the many
Orchid folks who are starting out in this field of endeavour. I give
away this same while I am conducting my "in-shop"
training programs around the States. These last for either a 3, or a
5-day training period. Write back to me, and once a week I’ll make a
mailing to those who wish these notes.


Please contact the author off list at @Gerald

Dear all Orchidians, everywhere!

To repeat my message for all of the 25++ folks who want my free
setting notes. I only ask you one thing and that is to make a
genuine pledge from your self to a personal charity of this family.
It is for the “Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada”,
Why? My daughter has this disease and its terribly debilitating,
trust me on this!..;>( If you can donate $18.00 per family, that is
all I ask. Then my wish for payment is enough. I send you the setting
notes, you send the money. When you make the tax-free donation,
please send it in for “Honour of Stephanie Lewy”. I now am compiling
more setting notes so far I am putting together about 25 pages.
Someone asked if these notes are taken directly from my two setting
Books. Most of them have not being published, or have never been
offered openly. The newest batch are letters directly from Orchid and
answered just on setting topics. Its now 3:15 a.m. and now I’m
getting some sleep with my mind at rest knowing I am doing a Good
Deed a.k.a. “Mitzvah” in helping others Please do not forget my email
address @Gerald I need your snail-mail address, too Gerry!

Dear all on Orchid

I have erred in the early morning hours. If you do not wish to make a
donation to the (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation) then
PLEASE make a good donation of $18.00 to Orchid. If it is not for
Hanuman and his hard working souls, we wouldn’t be writing letters
from all over the world and exchanging facts on jewellery making. I
have given just this morning to my favourite printer about 25 pages
to print out for each “kit”. Will keep you all updated on this mega


This might be a ridiculous idea but it worked for me just now. I got
my setting notes back from my printer. All 50 sets or kits. As each
kit had too many pages verify or re-count. I weighed a sample kit,
It weighed 90.6 grams and then I went and weighed EACH KIT, sure
enough one of the kits weighed only 78.0++ grams; some pages WERE
MISSING!!^:>( I learned this idea from one of my diamond dealers. He
used to weight one of my paper money bills then weigh out the whole
pile, sure enough he was almost right on to the $$$.00. To those
folks who haven"t sent me their snail mail address I NEED IT NOW! I
haven"t found all of my archived notes, but have the original paper
proof. I have too many things to look up and find. These costs are
not as large as some folks are thinking. If you wish to make a
payment^…send the money to Hanuman, but please start at $18…00 per
kit. Why? In Jewish numerology 18 represents CHAI 'or Life. As each
number is equal to a different letter in our alphabet these two
letters translate to ‘LIFE’. So to perpetuate Orchid, send $18.00, or
$36.00 to our own Hanuman

Gerry Lewy!

Well, the first group of “Setting Notes” are now in the hands of the
Canadian Post office. The American and Canadian requests will be in
your own hands in about 5 days time. Those to Sweden, Australia,
Mexico, South Pacific and New Zealand and elsewhere will be there
in10 -14 days time, including the United Kingdom. If you haven’t made
any contribution to Orchid, please do so. Our own Hanuman and company
need all the donations just to keep this system up and running. I am
now preparing another batch of envelopes for another jewellery
trading group. But my heart is with you all FIRST! Between these two
groups of members, I have now passed 75 packages. By having all of
costs being borne by ‘yours truly’ please feel free in writing to me
on any topic pertaining to Diamond Setting. If you still haven’t
supplied me with your actual home/office addressesplease allow me the
pleasure in sending you the “setting notes” by hand. There are too
many articles to email, I prefer the personalized service!

I have now another series of notes for everyone. These are only for
"Wax-Setting Stones in Wax", 15 pages in total. These are re-prints
from other sources but very much needed in our trade today!


Hey everyone, just wanted to say- Gerry’s setting notes are
wonderful- I received them a little while ago, but wanted to wait
until I had made my donation before i said thank you to gerry for
all of his time, patience and expertise, there are little " tricks"
that come from years of practise that make such a difference to a
well finished job - many many thanks,

Christine in Sth Aust

I must agree with this, and Ganoksin benefitted financially as a
result :-)) I have enjoyed reading and re-reading these - they are
currently in sheet protectors in my jewelry notebook and I know I’ll
be referring to them time and time again. Thanx Gerry.

BBR - Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co

Hi Christine Pyman and all!

I am very honoured in these recent ‘thanks’ from all of you. I am
now compiling all of my many articles on “Gem Stone Setting” from the
past few years from Orchid into a little booklet. So far I have
gathered about 23 pages of past setting notes. These have never been
seen either in my past two setting books and are a very separate
scource of reading material. I will not accept any payment for these
and are free just for the asking…I am still searching my archives
for MORE notes.

Lets face it, if it wasn’t for Hanuman and his gang, we wouldn’t be
here, right? By the way, these additional articles have nothing to do
with the first batch of 25 pages of setting notes.



I’d be interested in a set of the first notes and, of course, you’re
latest endeavor. Living on an island in Alaska, Orchid is my
connection to the rest of the jewelry world and that’s why I gladly
give a monthly donation to Hanuman. It would be a bargain at twice
the price!!

Chris in Ketchikan


I’ve been wondering how to get ahold of your books on stone setting.

Gail Bumala, Sandy, Oregon

Hi Gail

I accept PayPal, my books are selling for $99.00 for two, plus
$10.00 for shipping to Oregon. I will even send you my 25 pages of
setting notes (N/C) along with the package…how’s that for a


I am trying to send out over 20 packages of setting notes this week.
The mailing cost is not the worry, but trying to play catch-up every
week is somewhat of a daunting task. I am requesting that each and
every individual make a donation to Ganoksin and Orchid.

So far without lie, my notes have now reached well over 9
countries.-D willing more of you will enjoy my different approach on
setting diamonds. So far my list has grown to over 179 'mailed out’

At this writing, I have two or three of my students in my setting
class here in Toronto who are long time readers of Orchid. Orchid is
read on a frequent basis by many of my peers in this “Continuing
Education” jewellery school. “Yes Virginia, I promote Orchid at every
class meeting”


Dear all on Orchid


If some of the readers are wondering just where are your setting
notes? We had our first Grandchild last Wednesday evening. To say
the least ‘we’ have been somewhat busy, but now I am back in the
swing of things and continuing to process the 24 packages of setting
notes. Each package now has about 45 pages of decent reading
material. Ever try to arrange over 1,080 pages of notes?? Her name is
Sarah, named directly after my Mother. If you wish to view this child
and her very own website click into . Her Dad is like
me, very funny at times! But all who are wanting my notes, I only ask
that you make a donation to Orchid. Hanuman needs all the funds so he
can continue on with this 'forum


For those folks who wanted my 45 pages of setting notes, all fifteen
kits, or sets are ready for mailing tomorrow. As this is my only day
off from my work, I persevered and got them all ready for you folks.
So sorry for the lo-o-ong delay. As of now my setting notes have
reached to over 9 countries