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[Orchid Benefits] Annual Brain Press Holidays Treat

Hi All,

I would like to offer the Orchid Community our annual Brain Press
discount moment. If you are interested please email us OFF-LIST at
@Charles_Lewton-Brai1. (shipping is extra) Mention you are an Orchid
Member to ask for the discount. I will happily sign books to a name
if asked.

This offer is only good until Dec 20, 06.

New Offerings:

Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing CD Orchid Special: $26.95 (reg $34.95)
(includes the Cheap thrills book pdf) and

The Polishing Paper (How to Polish Jewelry) Orchid Special $15.00
(reg $18.95)


Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing (Brepohl) Orchid Special $58.00
(reg $70)

Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop Orchid Special: $26.95 (reg $34.95)

Hinges and Hinged-Based Catches Orchid Special $26.95 (reg $34.95)

The Jewelry Workshop Safety Report Orchid Special $26.95 (reg

Small Scale Photography Book (alone) Orchid Special $26.95 (reg

best wishes for your Year!