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[Orchid Benefits] 3DESIGN Express free licences

Hi Andrew Werby, this is Emily From the Cad program 3DESIGN Express
Nice to meet you again! You recommended me this forum few months ago,
and… I just love it. It is quite interesting to hear from
different designers, about their feelings, interests or difficulties.

Our software is meeting a great notoriety in the jewelry industry.
Today in a pedagogical goal, and for free of charge, I plan to
provide several American design and jewelry schools with several
licences to take advantage of the software and use it for a full
school year program. The question is : Which schools to choose? In
fact, I would like to select about 10 to 20 jewelry schools or Art
institutes (which have a CAD training course) and I really want to
reach various kinds of them. In the past, you gave me helpful advice,
may I ask you, once again your opinion on this subject? Thanks

Looking forward to hearing from you PS: If anyone here has a
suggestion, please let me know.

Emilie Bonneton
a Type3 Solution

Hi all,

I’d like to clarify my last post “3DESIGN Express free licences”. I
have done a mistranslation, for sure I wanted to say that our
software was meeting a great "success ". I’m so sorry for this
misunderstanding. Some Orchidians kindly warned me. This forum is a
very nice place where members show solidarity with you. Thanks, I
really appreciate. Hope you won’t hold my (not so good) english
against me.

I just wanted to get advice on a great project I lead in the US. We
plan to make a donation of several licences of our CAD software in
jewelry institutes allowing schools to meet their educational goals
and students to emerge with a good knowledge on a 3d jewelry
program. We assume that the maximum quantity we would provide would
be around 20 schools / 20 licenses each.

I need a help to select these 20 schools. Any advice would be

Thanks again. If there’s anything I can do for you, please le me

Emilie Bonneton
a Type3 solution

the AJM website provides about several jewelry schools,
colleges throughout the United States:

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Hope that helps!
Nice project!