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[orchid] BenchExchange

Dave, and all orchidians- I’m really excited about your bench
exchange idea- I am currently setting-up a bench that my fiance
bought for us from an old local jeweler who is losing his sight to
macular degeneration. Although I have been working in metal for over
20 yrs, this is the 1st real jewelers bench I have owned. For the
last 10yrs I used a military surplus steel table. When we picked up
the bench he said “there’s a few old things in there that might come
in handy.” Inside I found a really nice, vintage diamond guage,
approx 300 burs in various shapes & sizes, setting pliers, milligrain
tools, beading tools, and a bag of melee diamonds, rubies & emeralds.
I love trying to decipher the history of the various well formed
gouges, slits, cut-outs, etc. of how he worked. I’m again setting-up
my newly built work space after 3yrs of working for “The Man” and
looking at the pictures I am gaining ideas of what might work for
me. I seem to have way too many tools though. Alas, that is my cross
to bear… Speaking of which, is anyone looking to buy a brand new
bench shear (still in crate)- or perhaps you might like to be able
yo use a lightly used disc finisher…?