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Orchid Badges

   John Burgess mentioned getting permission from Dr. Aspler
for use, so I am awaiting either an official design, or
permission to create a design for use (pending approval).
   Meanwhile, once there is a design, my offer still stands to
split a sheet as many ways as there are interested people.


Sorry for my late reply…

The Orchid Badges? It’s a great idea! Let’s see with what designs
you people can come up with. Once we figured out how the Badges
will look like, we can easily arrange them to be d/l from

So, what are you waiting for…send me over with your ideas :wink:

The Ganoksin Project

I was thinking of doing it on 1" x 2 5/8" laser/inkjet address
labels They come 30 to a page. Since I don’t expect to need 30
the near future, and I find my printer balks at being fed a 1/2
used sheet of labels, it’s just as easy for me to set it up so
that I simply change names, or print out 30 generic copies and
distribute them.

Followed by the sugesstion “to send a SASE–” I think this is a
great idea and if you are up to doing this I would like to send my
SASE to you ASAP if I had your home address. Time is getting short
and I planning to leave the week January 24th. Would that be to
soon for you to do your thing?


Whoops. Thanks, Delores (or is it Dolores?)

Please send your SASE’s to

Kat Tanaka
2588 El Camino Real D-161
Carlsbad, CA 92008-1290

If you’d mark the outside of the outer envelope as “Badge
Request” I’ll have an easier time sorting my mail…

Oh, and if you could send your e-mail address as well, I can
acknowledge receipt so you’ll know it’s on its way.


I am not going to Tuson… wish I were, but I will be at the
Rosen Show in Philly - Feb. 12-16. Is there anyone out there who
will also be there? Would badges be appropriate there? (What do
you think Roberta?) Janet B.

Yo Janet,

I’ll be at Rosen too, booth #707. Anyone else? Count me in for
a badge. Lisa

   I'll be at Rosen too, booth #707.  Anyone else?  Count me
in for a badge. Lisa 

O.K. All of you badge interested people. Who is doing the Orchid
badge? Can you count us Rosen show people in.

Lisa- I will be in booth 2501B. Seem the least we can do is say
hi. So, I’ll see you there. Janet B.