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Orchid and Ganoksin Customer Support

Hi Orchid -

I’ve had a few questions from folks recently who seemed to require customer support, but weren’t able to get in touch with someone. One of the things your subscriptions help pay for is customer support, and it’s important to me that we are available to answer questions promptly.

If you need help with anything Ganoksin or Orchid related, there are several ways to get it.

Best way: Email "" Doing this creates a ticket, and Michael Martinez in our office responds to support requests each day, in the order we receive them. Generally you get a response within 24 hours.

Second Best way :slight_smile: : Tag @leah-ganoksin-admin in a post, ideally a post in the “Site Feedback” category, and she will jump in and answer your question publicly (if it is of general interest) or message you to give you some direction.

If you still haven’t gotten a satisfactory response after doing both of those, feel free to email me at "" and I will figure out what happened.

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