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[orchid] Agate Burnisher... Gone Forever

   I would like to contribute my comments regarding Randy's Rods.
I've used them for bezel setting stones and found them to be
wonderful for the application. I've requested smaller tips for the
tight spots. 

Terri, are you referring to here to the recently mentioned Pyrex
rods? If so, don’t forget that they are glass. Pyrex is somewhat
tougher than plain old window and bottle glass, to be sure, but drop
a Pyrex beaker on the floor and it shatters just the same. I’m glad
they work for you, and maybe you don’t mean Pyrex after all.
Personally I would never use a glass item for pushing or burnishing

Kevin  (NW England, UK)

Hi Kevin, Yes, I’m referring to the Pyrex burnishers. I must admit,
I’ve not used them on any thick wall bezel, only thin.

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX