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[Orchd] Pripps Sprayer

In the not too distant past, there was a thread on Pripps, and
several members were inquiring about where they could find spritzers.
I happened to be in one of our stores today to purchase something
totally different and ran across several models of inexpensive
spritzers or atomizers as some call them, and thought about my
friends on Orchid. The store is called The Container Store. I have
shopped there for several years since they carry a fairly large
selection of Nalgene bottles and containers that I store my chemicals
in. They have a web site,, for those
that do not have a store in their city, they can shop by mail. I
purchased a new sprayer bottle made of light weight aluminum for my
Pripps, it is a 2oz. one for $2.29, they also come 4oz, 8oz. They
also sell plastic versions. No vested interest, just a happy shopper.
Hope this might help someone.Best to all, John Barton

   In the not too distant past, there was a thread on Pripps,... 

Just a comment here. Not sure where the mis-spelling started, and i
know I contributed to it a couple times in past articles, but John
(Jack) Prip, who either developed or popularized (not sure which)
this recipe, and for whom this flux is named, spells his name with
only one “P” on the end, not a double “P”. The flux is Prips flux, not
Pripps. If it were an arbitrary name, I wouldn’t care. but John
Prip’s contributions to the field as a longtime and influential
teacher, and as an artist, were and are very significant. He
deserves to have his name spelled right. I’ll leave it to someone
smarter than I to tell us whether it’s grammatically correct to still
capitalize the name as referring to the flux, rather than the man.
Of that I’m not sure (grin).