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Orange Zircon

Is anyone aware of natural orange zircon - or is the material I ordered (as I suspected) orange CZ?

My company Kingdom of Cambodia International Gemstones Ltd did treat zircons. All blue zircons can be heat treated from Sit Strang French zircon pit ugly brown zircons the deeper the brown the better. They are treated with activated charcoal using your oven or a ceramic oven . Orange zircons are treated as well. One of the keys in heat treating zircon is that the zircon should be that the brown zircon contain iron . There is no truly orange zircons . There are some yellowish , mint greens , greens brown, and white colorless. The Cambodian blue and orange zircons are all treated . They will revert to colorless zircons over time in light . Thus cambodian blue and orange zircons these colors are treated and are considered night stones like kunzite and hiddenite.

Lee Horowitz, Gemologist
Peru Blue Opal Ltd
miners-cutters-heat treaters- manufacturers

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Lee, I did not know the treated zircons are “night stones.” That’s very useful. Thanks for this.

Tony, I am a faceter of gemstones. Zircons, like sapphires, are naturally heated by the earth. They are also easily heat-treated. I see orange-ish zircons from different locations. Zircons can be heat treated as easily as setting them on the heating element of a stove or in a frying pan. If a deep red zircon is too dark to enjoy, a little easy heating in the kitchen will permanently lighten it up. An ugly orange-ish brown can be lightened up to a pleasant orange. You can’t get the great blues and such that Lee is talking about, which require more complex situations. Need a clear zircon? Keep heating that dark one and you can end up with colorless.