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Orange Chalcedony Source?

I am looking to buy some of the new natural orange chalcedony, in
rough form. I’d like to buy about 100 grams or so. Does anybody
know of a supplier for this material? People who deal with Namibian
blue chalcedony might also have the orange material. I plan to make
it to Tucson this year and will be searching for it there, as well.


Orange chalcedony? I would wonder if that would not be unlike
carnelian or some that has not been fully colored, I have several
pieces that have an orange cast and have found them in the same
areas as the blue I have found here in Washington. Could that be the
same thing? some of the stuff I have has a vein looking structure
{possible healed fractures} that run through it. Just curious. Ringman

Bill , try Jeff Graham has great material and is
honest to deal with. Sam

Bill, There should be orange chalcedony available in Tucson, as there
has been the last 2 years. The only problem is that it is badly
color zoned, and comes in small tumbled pieces. I went through 3/4
of a barrel of it, piece by piece, buying for a cutting house and
found about a handful that would cut unzoned cabs 8mm round, and
none of it would cut unzoned cabs larger than that.

Good luck :slight_smile:
Karen Hemmerle

i have a couple of pieces of large pieces ofcitrus agate, aka
orange translucent natural carnelian. what do you need. richard