OptiVISOR comfort bands

Hello friends,

It was time for me to replace the leather comfort band on my
OptiVISOR. (The cushioning became so compacted that I started getting
headaches.) The problem I found was that the supply houses only
offered the entire headband, which costs $18. I managed to find what
I was looking for at Widget Supply
for only $5. After ordering it, I contacted Rio requesting they put
it in their line.

Have a great weekend!
Jeff Herman

I could not find one at all! So I went a slightly different route. I
went and got some small snaps, a piece of thin leather and used the
old one as a pattern. Normally I am the type of person who says “Why
spend $18 when I can buy $68 in tools and make it myself” but this
time the cost was about the$5.

Pardon the sweat stains.

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

Nice. I love making tools, almost more than jewelry

The Optivisor is essentially a headliner for a welders shield. A
trip to the wording supply or maybe a General Farm and Tractor store
should turn up the comfort/sweat band.

Don Meixner

Great solution Gerald! Now why didn’t I think of that? I love my OLD
Optivisor, perfect except for the ancient and cracked comfort band.
Thanks for the idea.


Did I miss something? What did Gerry propose for replacing worn O.

Also, when I tried to search on the ganoksin site for the current
archives for the posting on the above January’s
postings are not available. Anything wrong/going on, Hanuman?

Linda K-M