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Optics and backache

My dentist has tried several magnifiers. The frames varied but most
had the same basic design: A headstrap and two magnifying lenses.

The magnifier he likes best looks like a pair of mini-binoculars
strapped to his head! The short depth of field that you get from
zoom lenses is usually considered a drawback, but he said it’s a
plus. “The best thing about these is that my back doesn’t hurt
anymore. Whatever I’m looking at has to be a fixed distance away for
me to see it clearly. These are adjusted so I can’t hunch over while
examining teeth, forcing me to use good posture.”

I, too, tend to hunch over my work, which makes my back hurt and
nose sting (from the occasional whiff of melting flux). Using
binocular-type magnifiers could help, but I’m wondering if the short
depth of field would be annoying. Have you tried these?


I have a good friend who is surgeon and he uses a pair of magnifiers
that he calles surgical loupes they have a great deal of depth of
field and stay in focus in a wide range of distances they are made by
ziess I bought some from a company out of New York they have my
perscription built right into them I was not able to order them as an
individual they they had to be ordered by the hospital that my
friend works at and they come in a nice wooden box with my name
engraved on the frames along with my perscription info. They were
real expensive 1200 dollars but they work real well and my back
doesn’t hurt and you can change the focal length to suite your
position. The frames say Dr. Kevin Potter on them it is pretty funny.
I tried a pair of loupes from frie and borel at their showroom and
they worked real well too they were made by Eibach they cost about
250 bucks not to bad plus they were lighter than mine which would be

sincerely Kevin


I use the Zeiss binocular loupes the are the one tool that I find

indispensable there only drawback is the price. The depth of field
is more than adequate for jewelry work. Mine have a 4x magnification
at 12" and have about a 1.5" field of view. There is a brand of
similar loupes from a dental outfit that is in Texas I think. They
are not quite as good but cost about $750 vs $1300 for the Zeiss.

Jim Binnion

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I have a nice pair of Zeiss bionocular frame mounted magnifiers,
light, strong, clear. They were $450.00 from KRuss:

best Charles
Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada
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See, <> for some very fine binocular 'telescoptic’
devices at good prices.

Most respectfully,
Mike Rock

Hi I just got a pair of binocular magnifiers from Rio Grand. They
cost around 250.00 and I’m pretty happy with them. They have one set
with a 2.5x magnification with a working distance of 14" and one set
with a 4x magnification and a 10" working distance. You can find the
magnifiers listed in their newest catalog.

Ted Curtis

Hello Janet - I’ve been carving wax models for twenty years. The
best pair of magnifiers I’ve found is the Donegan Clip-On. They
attach to a pair of glasses easily and they’re very light. I bought
an inexpensive pair of 1.5x reading glasses at Target and they clip
right on them. They range from 1.75x to 2.75x and cost $20.00 ! ! No
more neck ache or shoulder strain from the old fashioned opti-visor.
Check your Rio Grande catalog, they’re always in stock.

Margie Mersky
Studio *952-920-1355

Charles, I can’t find any magnifying eye wear on this website. Can you tell me the exact title please so I can do a search? Thanks you so much Charles!