Optical visors

Of all the most commonly used apparatus we all use is the optical
visor. There are two very distinct uses for them. None of which is
more important than as a eye-safety tool. When you are re-shaping
your gravers or soldering pointer you will feel little shards of
steel hit your face or cheeks. These little shards of steel often
glance up and hit your cornea of your eye. The ensuing shock will
cause you utter monosyllabic words of anguish and pain.

The end result is a trip to the hospital. But if you are wearing a
closely fitting lens, such as “safety glasses” along with the
optic-visor, your problems are almost at an end. Now the other use
is of magnification, which to use? I, as a diamond setter, suggest
using lens number 5 for all regular setting projects. I also use a
stronger lends when for example setting ‘watch bezels’. It is here
that the focal length is shortened, but there is a stronger effort
to wear these lenses on a longer period of time. Greater eye strain,
head-aches ensue. So if you’re attempting to wear the stronger lens
for a longer period of time, don’t! As a bench jeweller, you might
be happy with a lens number 3, less eye-strain and with keeping the
head farther away from the torch-flame.

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter
toll free cell phone 1-877-850-0003.