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Optical Comparator [Was : Channel settings]

 when fabricating a channel or cutting in a wax i use a
leverage guage and a optical comparator to be sure channels and
stones are the correct sizes.

Hi Frank,

What is an optical comparator?

Thank you and Regards,

Gabriel @agv


an optical comparator is a machinist’s tool that is a lot like a
old fashion jewelers loop. it magnifies and also has a metric
scale, a hole scale for drill sizes, inch scale in thousands, and
an angle scale for checking angles. i use it to look at the
layout lines as you can measure tenths of a millimeter visually
and can just scan down a channel for checking width. i also use
it to make acurate angles in layout as well as when i am cutting
them in wax or metal. they cost about $50.00 here in the states
and are available at Rex Supply here in Houston. ask for the hand
held model as the floor model ( the sales people get real excited
is they think you want the floor model) costs about $125,000.00 i
got the guy in the suit from the back office come out to assist
me when i first started looking for one. the look on his face
when i explained i only wanted the $50.00 hand held was great.