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Opportunities for an apprentice

Dear jewellers of the orchid forum,

I am writing this to get some advice, I recently came back from the
US (I am Italian) where I learned some jewelry. Belive it or not
nobody wants to hire an apprentice here in Italy, so I am looking
around the globe to find other solutions.

Does any of you know somebody willing to hire a driven apprentice? I
know most of you are located in the US, but maybe you know somebody
near Italy or in Europe. Maybe you know somebody in the US willing to
file an application for a visa, who knows…

Feel free to suggest any option that come to your mind.

I am 23, a hard working guy, I would settle for a minimum fee as
long as I can pay for a rent and keep learning!

And of course If any of you lives in Italy, feel free suggest
anything you deem useful.

thanks in advance fellow orchidians,

Simone Cervellati