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Oppi's Book

If you buy only one book on any subject of jewellery, this one
is the one to get. frugal or not it's worth every penny. The
titile is Jewellery Concepts and Technology, by Oppi Untracht.

I second this. The book is amazing! Has everything you could
ever want to know about making jewelry. I am frugal myself, but
when I came across this book I had no trouble shelling out the
$100. Well worth it.


Regarding Oppi’s “Jewelry Concepts and Technology” - If anyone
is thinking of getting it, you might want to do so while you can
still find one for “only” $100. Powell’s book store just got in
some more and have them priced at $125.!!!


Regarding Oppi’s “Jewelry Concepts and Technology” -

Has anyone compared both of Oppi’s books? Do they cover
different materials, or would owning both be redundant? I have
"Concepts and Technology" and would consider buying his first
book if it is not the same material. The one I own is

There is another book by Oppi called “Metal techniques for
craftsmen” probably about the same price. Well worth having!
Richard W UK

 Has anyone compared both of Oppi's books?  >>

Yes, I have both books, and the second is well worth buying. The
first book is mostly an overview of techniques; if you want to
know more, get the second book. It’s loaded with great info.