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[Opinions Wanted] Matt brand wax gun or similar

Could anyone please share their opinions or impressions with
regards to the Matt wax gun, that extrudes a stream of wax so
that you can design organic, flowing shapes for lost wax models.
How is this to work with? Is there anything similar on the
market? Does it actually work as advertised? It certainly sounds
cool – but does it work?
Dwyn Tomlinson Flight of Fantasy
@dwyn Dragon Crafted


Check the Orchid archives for ‘wax gun’ from 1997. There was a
really good thread about wax guns and even designs on making one
using a hot glue gun instead of buying the Matt one.

Dwyn, I have a Matt wax gun. It does work as advertised. It
works great as a matter of fact. I just havent found it useful
for the kind of work I do. If you do freeform, organic or wax
wire fabrcation it could be very useful.