Opinions on J-Cad

I’m bruno from italy. I’m working in a factory producing jewels but
I think they made a bad choice buying a software called “j-cad” that
I don’t like. Have you ever heard about it? I’m trying to convince
them to buy Matrix (working on rhinoceros), as I know is the best
software I can find but first of all I have to demonstrate that j-cad
is not good. Can you help me? Do you know anybody who bought this


Buon Giorno Bruno! I think that if you are looking for new cad
software you should talk to Delcam. They have a reseller in Italy,
his name is Fredrico. I met him at the Oragemma exhibition in
January. I think that Jewel Smith by Delcam is the best! And having
an Italian speaker in Italy as your tech support makes a lot of
sense. Jewel Smith is not the same as J-cad. There are several
offices in Italy. The number in Italy for the main office is
800-750999 I don’t work Delcam I just think it is great to work with
the program. You can create very complex forms it works with CNC
mills and rapid prototyping machines.

Buon fortunato Dennis

Ciao Bruno,sorry for my english, you are right on your opinion on
J-cad, i think is better matrix 3d i had a demonstration in Basel
fair but i dont like the graphic and if you know the price better is
rino with some plug - in, is like matrix 3d, i am a goldsmith and is
3 year that i work on progects witht Studio Tools of alias wavefront
for prototiping with a rapid prototiping machine “viper” of 3d
sistems, for one disign is better than rino, if you want more
that i know on studio tools is better if you contact me
on my e-mail, for the linguage because i am french and i leave in
Italia, my Italiano is better Ciao Gerard

for the past three years i have been producing all the models for
our company on jewelCAD. every day i still learn something new and &
with each model i make my speed improves. from what i have heard
jewelCAD is far more forgiving in that small errors may not prevent a
successfull build. plus as you compile a library of files you can
use one to make small changes for a new model. yesterday i built a
channel band in a custom configuration in under 10 min. no
affiliation, just one humble opinion aprilfreelance CAD